The Mistry of chocolate

Chocolate is considered as the most popular sweet treat in the world. According to a research people around the world consume about 3 million tons of cocoa beans every year. Chocolate not only make you feel good but it may also be good for your heart and brain.

What is…

food for life

The percentage of the world’s population by farmers is between sixty-two and 75%.

1. Note that just as we use the global population estimates for 2017, comparing the 2017 parent to the various variables from 5 to 10 years of age, the percentages are surprisingly distorted. United Nations, Department of…

The Prime Minister of Pakistan

Imran Khan, fully Imran Ahmad Khan Niazi, (born November 25, 1952, Lahore, Pakistan), Pakistani cricketer, politician, philanthropist, and Pakistani Prime Minister (2018–) who became national hero by leading the Pakistani national team to World Cup victory of Cricket in 1992 and later entered politics as a critic of government corruption…

How SANGHARA : Not only useful fruit but also medicine *

Sanghara is a conical fruit that grows under mud in water and is spoken of as an undesirable word because of its shape. This fruit is called Sanghara in Urdu and Water Chestnut in English. Markets and bazaars as…

Engineer Muhammad Hussain

I am a student of Food Engineering and have creative ideas to share with the people

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